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Planning your trip

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The best way to visit a country is to have a local person willing to take you around or, otherwise, here comes my guide: after reading the Why-Why Not we should be ready to organize the trip ourselves! Ideally we want to decide the length of our stay without the restrictions of the tour operators and their standard week's holiday and here we can help you.


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The Seasons do not exist anymore! The meteorological changes shown must be taken as a broad indication to be confirmed in real time! In general, however, the best months to combine bush&sea are from December to January. On the coast, the climate is mild throughout the year. For the safari it must be considered that from April to October it's a rainy months and it's not the best time for long safaris, the tracks are practically impassable, and the wildlife difficult to sight.

August, in addition to rainfall, is also quite cold. November is a month at risk because, as happened during last season 2013, the rains have persisted throughout the whole month.


local news ____________________________________________________




Before leaving, it is our custom – and one that we heartily recommend – to read the local Kenyan news on-line in order to the check the most recent updates of the country’s situation and therefore enter into the Kenyan spirit a few days before arriving. Once we have arrived, however, we read the news in the flesh for useful travel information, programmed events, concerts, day-to-day information, possible strikes and, of course, current events.


the flight ____________________________________________________

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Expedia, Lastminute

It is possible to refer to and book through the airline websites that fly to Kenya. One of the best ways to get a really cheap flight to Kenya is to book your flight as far in advance as you can.




One of the easiest, quickest and most economical ways to find a flight to Kenya is to search and book flights online, largely because of the great bargains and numerous options available at the click of a mouse. This cuts down the costs and saves the time that would be otherwise spent on the phone or with a travel agent searching for flights.




The airport code for Nairobi is NBO (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport), the one for Mombasa is MBA (Moi International Airport)


Once you get to Kenya remember to confirm the flight back ticket (by calling the air company) 36 hours in advance.


It's important to note that flight availibility and prices are highly seasonal. Conveniently for Europeans, the cheapest fares usually coincide with the European summer holidays, from June to September. It's also worth checking out cheap charter flights, although these will probably be part of a package deal to a hotel resort on the coast. Prices are often absourdly cheap and there's no obligation to book and stay at the resort offered by the package.


luggage & airport transfert


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Your luggage


Don't forget to check out the airline's rules on baggage weight and any other important travel information prior to departing to Kenya. All this information is provided on the airline's respective website.






Arriving at Nairobi's or Mombasa's airport it is easy to book a hotel transfer. The taxis lining up outside the arrivals are always many, you must just follow a few tricks:


it is extremely important to establish a price for the journey before you set off, possibly even before you place your luggage in the boot of the vehicle.



Be careful


Make very sure that the boot of the car carrying your luggage has been locked – organised gangs of thieves often take advantage of the taxis waiting at traffic lights to open the boot and steal the luggage within.

Keep your hand luggage with you at all times.




Elephants walking around the garden, rooms with savannah views, cottages with panoramic pools, mobile camps that follow the itinerary of the safari on the back of a camel, resorts with ocean views. Kenya is full of facilities and the choice varies according to your needs, tastes and budget. Being lovers of adventure but also of comfort and security we rely on well known and previously visited facilities, our 'Perfect Hotels'.  read the Perfect Place to Stay


choosing your safari

Years of personal exploration, of experience in the field and on organised safaris has enriched our knowledge of the territory and provided us with a tried and tested rapport with rangers and local guides. Our safaris vary from excursions in safari-matatus to small private planes (our Cessna) to reach quickly chosen destinations.  read more 


Don’t hurry: when planning a safari, don’t be tempted to try to fit too much in to the itinerary. Distances in Kenya are long, and hopping too quickly from park to park is likey to leave you at the end tired, unsatisfied and feeling that you haven’t even scratched the surface. Try instead to plan longer period at just one or two parks.

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