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Kenya is a Country capable of offering inspiration and excitement to the little ones like no other Country... My brothers, children and I were happy growing up there. Kenya is a wonderful destination in which to travel as a family, you just need to be prepared to take comfort over adventure for the core of the trip.



Temperatures, seasons


The weather is mild all year round (in southern Kenya it can be fiercely hot) but the best time to avoid is March and May, monsoon season, and it rains A LOT – the tracks are practically impassable, and the wildlife difficult to sight. The best time to visit Masai Mara is from mid June to mid October (the Great Migration)






Whenever we go on safari with our children we usually prefer more expensive Hotels and Lodges, mostly for hygiene reasons. Also because large family rooms are sometimes available and some places have adjoining  rooms with connecting doors. On the coast we generally prefer self-catering cottages - independant villas inside a resort - first and foremost for security reasons, thanks to the vicinity of others cottage.  Others indisputable advantages:

  • Almost all self-catering cottages come with a private swimming pool, allowing the children to paddle in safer waters.
  • Included in the price are the services of a daily gardener and housekeeper, and sometimes even a cook
  • Using the kitchen results in a notably lower expenditure than eating out in restaurants, as well as allowing eating habits to be observed – Great for children!

Food - in general, keep the following things in mind:


Chicken, but especially of pork: restaurants are not always equipped with refrigerators, and meat deteriorates very quickly in the heat.


When feeling like a snack whilst out on safari, go for the hard boiled eggs, which are served everywhere. When travelling with small children, teenagers or the ‘not quite sure’, head for simple pizza and pasta dishes (especially on the coast)


The Why Not pizza is especially tasty – a margarita pizza with fresh pineapple sliced on top.




Best Safari destinations 


A Safari is a unique opportunity to allow the children closer proximity with the wildlife in its natural habitat. This teaches the little ones, our new generation, to have manners and respect for nature and the environment in general.


safari nakuru cx

Lake Nakuru National Park


Althoug it is a small park it is the one we visit most regularlye visit most regularly. This is because it is a shor distance from Nairobi and it's fencing insures we ca track down all the wildlife. The park has recently been enlarged partly to provide the sanctuary for the black rhino)


Masai Mara National National Reserve


A safari in Masai Mara, particularly during the extraordinary spectacle of the massed wildebeest migration, is surely one of the most memorable experiences your child will ever have in nature. My daughter went on her first Safari to the Masai Mara when she was five and it was a great experience for her and also for us as parents.



Amboseli National Park


Amboseli, although a small park (392 kmq) is a land of giantsIts signature attraction is the sight of hundreds of big-tusked elephants (first giants) set against the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro (second giant). The territory is dominated by the outline of Kilimanjaro, its 5 km height creates a great backdrop to the park, while at its feet entire elephant families walk by.

go to One Day Safari for Children




giraffe cntr cx 6








One day safari - Langata, Nairobi


Is there a way to observe the savannah from above (fly safari), to come across every single animal in just one day; to give grass and biscuits to giraffes, bottle-feed elephants and stroke leopards, colobus and crocodiles without having to go through hours of stakeouts and travelling, without choking on red dust or camping in tents? Twenty minutes from the centre of Nairobi there is a vast green area, Karen-Langata is home to the smallest national park in Africa, an animal nursery, a refuge for giraffes, another for elephants and a Safari Walk of two hours through examples of the three main habitats – swamp, forest and savannah.




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The Coast


The seaside resorts are ideal choices to spend holidays with children: I have always considered escaping the winter as a cure to winter ailments for my little ones. The days at the seaside are usually spent following the regular rhythm of the tides:


Low tide

  • Walks to the coral reef
  • Bathing in the small warm lagoons that appear on the ocean floor
  • Snorkelling while walking to discover colourful fish, corals, sea urchins and starfish
  • Walking by the shore on the back of camels


High tide

  • Explore the seabed from above with glass-bottomed boats.
  • Packing a pic-nic lunch and sailing out to sea on a dhow.

Dhow: it's a traditional sailboat that, thanks to its shallow hull, is able to sail in very shallow waters.






One day safari on the Coast: Colobus Trust, Diani


In order to meet the little Colobo, you must go along Diani Beach Road that crosses the village of the same name, and look skywards: 26 metal boardwalks, strung from tree to tree along the road, allow the monkeys to cross undisturbed, without having to worry about the traffic and the risk of being run over.


In order to get a better acquainted with their habits, and see them close to, you must go to the ‘Colobus Trust’ on Diani Beach Road. The centre, as well as looking after and nursing these little creatures back to health – a cage in the trees serves as a veterinary laboratory where the animals are looked after by experts.


malaria cx

Mosquito repellent


Got for those in cream or lotion form: they provide better protection thanks to their more even distribution over the skin.



The subject of antimalarial drugs is a controversial one, and it often creates exaggerated worries. It is wise to be cautious but vaccinations should be considered like in any other destination and advice should be taken from your local GP. Those who live in Kenya, or who spend long periods of time there, follow certain behavioural patterns suitable for the environment that are preventative in themselves, and which, over time, become almost automatic. Behaviour that can also be adopted by those visiting Kenya for two or three weeks on holiday.

  • Sleep in a four poster bed with a mosquito net
  • Use mosquito spray on and around the bed a few hours before turning in
  • Always carry a repellent spray (Autan, Deet)


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