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The perfect coastal accommodation

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The alternating hotels, resorts and holiday villages stretching for kilometres along dazzling beaches of coral sands and bathed by the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, offer accommodation that can meet even the most specific requirements.


From the last word in luxury to the discretely comfortable, they guarantee all creature comforts; offering all-inclusive packages, entertainment and international cuisine.






Not being terribly attracted to the excesses of the holidaying masses, we prefer the self-catering holiday experience which, as well as the indisputable advantages when it comes to privacy, also guarantees:


  • Economy: the rent does not change regardless how many guests are staying, so the more guests the lower the cost to the individual.

  • Included in the price are the services of a daily gardener and housekeeper, and sometimes even a cook.
  • Using the kitchen results in a notably lower expenditure than eating out in restaurants, as well as allowing eating habits to be observed – great for children and adults.


  • Almost all self-catering cottages come with a private swimming pool, allowing the grown-ups to indulge in water sports whilst the children paddle in safer waters.


All the necessary equipment can be hired through the hotels or through specified hire points. 





When choosing a self-catering cottage



it is important to take into account


the proximity to a beach


The complexes in which the cottages are situated tend to more dilapidated that the central zone which is overbearingly occupied by hotels and resorts. But it doesn’t matter.


The coast, the beach and the ocean stretch as far as the eye can see; there is certainly no lack of space.


For us the most important thing is direct access to the beach; a cottage pied dans l’eau, total luxury!


The quality of the beach is what really




White beaches when seen on promotional brochures all look like wondrous tropical blankets. Once you are there, however, the coral sands are not all alike.


The beaches nearest the hotels and resorts are decidedly more beautiful because they are cleaner and better maintained, but they are also dominated by the presence of those irritating beach boys.


Beaches that are too isolated however are often covered with palm leaves and algae – a little too neglected. There is a beach for us though, one that we see and immediately fall in love with – we just need to look for it.


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